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Mixed seasoned firewood available in 12" or 16" lengths from our INDOOR storage facility available at regular rates.

It has been seasoned for over 1 year, and has been stored under roof since last August/September. Our indoor storage facility has slatted floors and wide open sides, so it allows for great airflow AND - it has a roof over it all!

Spring Special Price List



1/4 Full Cord:



1/2 Full Cord:



1 Full Cord:



1.25 Full Cords:



2 Full Cords:



2.5 Full Cords:



2.75 Full Cords:



** Please ask for current pricing on White Birch and Black Cherry**

The mixture of hardwood is maple beech ash ironwood and cherry.

Seasoned Hardwood stored indoors still available at seasoned hardwood prices.

Prices subject to change without notice.
The above prices are subject to delivery fees and HST.

35+ Years in Firewood Business

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Spotlight Special


established 1986

We are SO EXCITED to be introducing firewood that we have processed with our Brand New Purple Processor!

The added tumbler has ensured a prime quality product by minimizing the mulch and bark type pieces...Everyone is going to love their nice clean firewood!

More exciting news.... We are locking in our 2023 Spring Special Pricing until May 31/24!

SEASONED WOOD STILL AVAILABLE at discounted rates - while quantities last

(This is recommended if you plan on stacking your wood indoors now to burn between now and this fall.) This wood still contains kindling as a direct result of the processing 2 years ago.

It has been stored under roof since September, 2022, so it's ready to burn now!

Spotlight Special




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