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Quality Service

We want to provide you with top quality seasoned firewood and competitive prices, while taking the time to consider your individual needs and situation. To us, customers mean relationships, not just sales. For your convenience we offer additional services along with our firewood, so that you can leave everything in good hands!

Pre-cut Wood  |   Stacking  |   Delivery  |   Specials

Pre-Cut Wood

Our standard supply of quality firewood is cut to your choice of either 12" or 16" lengths with our customary standard split, average size pieces being 4"- 6" in diameter. This firewood is seasoned and ready for burning immediately, and can be ordered year-round.


For an additional fee, we will unload all the wood, stack it in your desired location, and clean up any residual bark chips, etc. made during the unloading process — let the professionals do it all! The price will be dependent on where the wood is to be stacked.


Now you can order the wood from your home either through our toll-free number or by sending us an email. You can have the wood delivered right to your home — how's that for service? For more information about delivery, have a look at our Delivery Region - we gladly serve southern Ontario with the our famous top-quality seasoned firewood.

Upon ordering, customers assume responsibility for providing a proper space and conditions for a Northern Hardwood truck to deliver the wood.

Standard delivery is the firewood being dumped off on the driveway or front lawn, as specified by the customer.


Throughout the year, we will have special deals on different types of firewood. For example, every spring we have a deal on green wood that you can burn in the fall. Check the site to keep updated on what's new.