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Dry Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

With so many varieties of wood available, choosing what to burn may seem like a confusing task. Here are the main types of wood that we stock, along with a description of each type to help you understand their advantages and disadvantages.

Maple  |   Ash  |   Oak  |   Black Cherry  |   Beech  |   Birch 


A common hardwood in Southern Ontario. Maple has a consistent quality and is high in BTU's, making it a popular choice for burning.


High-quality hardwood for burning, because of its excellent coaling qualities. Ash is easy to split, since it has a very straight grain. Ash


A very dense deciduous hardwood. Oak is high in BTU's, making it a good choice for burning. Oak

Black Cherry

A reddish hardwood with black bark. Black Cherry has a pleasant aroma when burned, and it produces a great blue flame. Black Cherry


A hardwood with smooth grey bark, common to Southern Ontario. Beech is high in BTU's. Beech


A unique hardwood with a white flakey bark. Birch is highly favoured for its pleasant crackle and smell in the fireplace, its nice appearance, and its excellent burning qualities. Compared to most hardwoods, it is lower in BTU's. Birch


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